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Process Service Blog

A blog about private service of process and other service of process issues written by Middle Tennessee- Nashville private process server Brad Holton of Holton Services.  Call (615)499-6522 to set up service.

How do I find a private process server in Middle Tennessee

bradley holton

How do I find a private process server to serve my process in Nashville?  If you are reading this post, you are already heading the right direction!  You are going to want to look for someone who has experience in private process and is a reputable business.  Look for someone who has an address and is located downtown for the best Nashville Process Server.  Ok, so how do you actually do that after you have googled Nashville private process server or subpoena?

First, find a process server that stands out to you as being smart and competent.  Do they have an address?  Do they have a website?  Do they advertise for process service or is it just a small line item on another website such as that for a private investigator or a notary?  If service of process is a big focus of their website, you will know that the private process server is focused on serving process properly in your area.

Second, call about prices.  A good private process server will offer a variety of options based on your needs.  For example, if you need service of process in Nashville but it is not an emergency, that will be a very different price than service of process in Sumner County on an emergency basis.  Ask them about this.  If the price is the same everywhere, be very wary as they may be outsourcing the service of process to someone else, they may not be experienced, or they may not have any plan to actually serve your emergency petition swiftly.  In Nashville, service of process typically begins at $40 for regular (non-emergency) service.  Be wary of anyone charging less, or offering unlimited attempts.

Third, call the process server.  Get a feel for them and see if they do a good job explaining things to you or if they can accommodate any special needs.  For example, Holton Services can provide an affidavit describing the person served in Nashville and the location if you think the person might lie about the service, or if you come from an out-of-state jurisdiction which requires an affidavit to be on file.  If the process server gets hostile or argumentative when you say you need something done like that, they are probably not who you want serving your process in Nashville.

Lastly, if you are still not sure, ask for a recommendation.  If they cannot give you a person, be very wary.  A good private process server will have worked with attorneys or law offices who they can direct you to for a recommendation.  Lawyers are required not to mislead or lie or risk problems with their board.  You can give that attorney a quick call and confirm that the process server is who they say they are, and that they have served process before that has withheld scrutiny from the Court.  Pro-tip - ask if they have ever served process for domestic, family law, or criminal attorneys.  Those attorneys frequently deal with people lying about service and obtaining defaults, and I can guarantee that process server will have served process in some crazy situations! Nashville is a huge city with many unique neighborhoods go with experience when choosing your Nashville process subpoena server.


Looking for a trusted and experienced process server in Nashville Davidson County or Middle Tennessee?  Call Holton Services at (615)499-6522 and ask us these questions, we are here to help with your private process serving needs!  Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee at the Historic Pilcher Building.